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Stephen Andrew statement on booster shots

Booster shots became available at the State’s vaccination hubs beginning of this week, for all those people whose double jab vaccination may be nearing, or passed, the six month expiry deadline. According to media reports, the Government, has received a “specialist modelling” report, which shows that if booster shots are not “ramped up” urgently, the State will be hit with a “large spike in cases and deaths”.
People who FAIL to get re-jabbed with the mandatory Booster shot, will soon find themselves relegated back into the ranks of “the unvaccinated” – turning them instantly into second-class citizens with no rights, no job and no means of escape. Authorities therefore launched a statewide ‘messaging blitz’ on Monday, urging Queenslanders not to ‘dilly-dally’ about getting the critical six-monthly top-up jab.
Deputy Commissioner Chelepy, told the public it was vital that they check and re-check their paperwork, to see if their third shot is due yet or not. “What we’re after is anyone who’s had their full two doses of vaccine more than six months ago”. If so, he warned, “you’re ready to have your booster now”. “So you can either book that through our normal booking system or you can just walk in to one of our hubs.”
Meanwhile, the far north of the state remained on “high alert” this week, after an asymptomatic “case” travelled through there last week on her way to Katherine in the NT, where she tested “positive”. Despite widespread alarm amongst Queensland officials, no new “cases” have been detected since, although thousands of tests and re-tests have been carried out by authorities throughout the region, just to be sure.
A ‘hotspot’ declaration was immediately announced for Katherine, as the Chief Minister gleefully announced he had fined the woman “over $5,000” and sent her packing. Toowoomba Hospital also sent into lockdown, after a visiting relative tested “positive”. People have been told to NOT to visit the hospital.
“Of course, we will still allow for end-of-life care visits and palliative care” Minister D’Ath graciously said this morning.
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