I’m sure everyone’s seen the Atlantic article by now, where Browns University Professor, Emily Oster, argues the case for a ‘Pandemic Amnesty’, saying it’s time to “forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about Covid”.

Her argument rests on the ludicrous claim that those baying for the blood of our modern day ‘refuseniks’, ‘couldn’t possibly’ have known any different at the time.

The ‘refuseniks’, she admits, turned out to be right, but only as a “matter of luck”.

Oster herself, of course, belonged to the side cheering on every tyrannical measure and petty cruelty imaginable, shaming those who took principled stands as “Covidiots”, and mocking the deaths of the unvaccinated – just “to make sure that the lessons of these teachable moments are heard”, as the LA Times put it with insufferable smugness.

What public health authorities and politicians did in this country was particularly despicable.

I won’t list their many ‘crimes’ here, but those who suffered from them, know exactly how unforgivable they were.

Extreme measures were imposed that were never justified by either the data or common sense.  Those responsible, did so knowing full well that their actions would destroy the lives, businesses, happiness and well-being of millions.

Which is what happened.

You can’t just shut down society without causing catastrophic damage to people’s health, finances, social relations, education and a lot more.

Churches were shut, schools closed, borders barricaded, people detained at home and businesses shuttered.  Draconian restrictions and penalties imposed and all our constitutional and common law rights, trashed beyond repair.

It’s been nearly three years of hell.

And now we are left to deal with the fallout: business and career losses, family breakdowns, suicide, bitter social divisions, economic collapse, supply chain chaos, soaring inflation, threat of nuclear war, and a complete meltdown of the social fabric and public trust.

Politicians and bureaucrats single-handedly turned a manageable pandemic into an apocalyptic nightmare from which our society may never recover.

They failed at their jobs and as human beings.

In this case “getting something wrong”, as Oster puts it, actually WAS a “moral failing”.

And yet there is still no inquiry, no apology, no accountability and no act of atonement.

We are simply told to let bygones be bygones because they “didn’t know”.

“We didn’t know” wasn’t an acceptable excuse in Germany of 1945 and it’s not acceptable today.

Amnesty for the perpetrators?

Hell No!

#noamnesty #emilyoster

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  1. Madonna finch
    Madonna finch says:

    Nuremberg 2 please
    No human being should be denied the right to work, visit a cafe or speak without censorship. Ever!


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