TRUST FALL – New Julian Assange Documentary

New Farm Cinemas, was the scene of a massive turnout last night for the World Premiere of TRUST FALL: Julian Assange – the Documentary.
The night was such a huge success that the Cinema has decided to schedule additional screenings this Saturday and Sunday.
It is rare to see the theatrical release of such films and New Farm Cinemas on Brunswick Street are to be congratulated for their courage in screening such a film, given the McCarthyist era we now find ourselves in.
The film TRUST FALL provides a much-needed update on the long standing persecution of Julian Assange, and the war on journalism and free speech his persecution represents.
Of course the judicial pantomime taking place in the UK High Court has nothing whatsoever to do with justice. It is, in fact, little more than a farce.
How else would you describe a process where a man who has committed no crime, and is not a US citizen, is facing extradition under a foreign power’s Espionage Act and life in prison.
All for the ‘crime’ of exposing the truth and providing the world with some of the best and most courageous journalism of a generation.
In order to fight on behalf of Assange, we need to be clear about what and who we are fighting against.
And that’s a global billionaire class who have carried out a “coup d’etat in slow motion” of western democracies over the past two decades.
As a class, it has internally seized all of the levers of power and made us the most spied upon, monitored, propagandised, manipulated and surveilled population in human history.
In the process they have launched an all-out war on Truth and Truthtellers.
Both are viewed as ‘dangerous’ and routinely demonised using terms such as “misinformation,” “Russian interference” or “domestic terrorism.”
The goal of this ruling billionaire class is to redefine truth to mean whatever best serves their agenda.
In other words, a blatant lie can be true, if it serves an elite purpose.
When a country’s institutions become so corrupted as to be actively hostile to the truth in this way, democracy and its freedoms are lost.
If Julian is extradited and sentenced to rot in a US prison, it will mean anyone seeking to expose corruption or publish the truth, or hold governments to account, will have become criminals.
In fighting for Julian Assange, we are fighting for the primacy of Truth and the restoration of the Rule of Law and Democracy.
Please CONTACT YOUR local cinema and ask them to screen TRUST FALL in your area. Send them a link to for further info and to make a booking.
Donations to allow the independent filmmakers to mount a proper publicity campaign and have the film translated, can do so here:

Fundraiser Free the Truth

The TRUST FALL: Julian Assange – Documentary

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