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Stephen Andrew statement on the public’s rejection of mandatory vaccination:
A Petition to Australia’s House of Representatives against Mandatory Vaccination, closed last night after receiving hundreds of thousands of signatures from ordinary people all over the country. The Petition, which closed at 11.59pm, achieved a staggering total of 309,831 signatures. An extraordinary result for a country whose people are not known for their petition-signing proclivities.
It is just one of many other such Petitions that are currently running, or have run, that are drawing unprecedented levels of popular support in Australian. All revolve around just two key issues – mandatory vaccination and the danger of a fully fledged Vaccine-passport system being rolled out by government.

Media ignores mandatory vaccination petition

None of these Petitions have received a mention in the Australian mainstream press or Television nightly news. The only reference I could find to this latest one, was in the UK’s Daily Mail, who only ran the story so they could smear it. The UK Daily Mail said the Petition was misinformation and that the numbers signing it was a “terrifying” sign of the times for Australia.
That a major mainstream outlet is so comfortable denigrating and smearing a genuine outpouring of public sentiment in this way, speaks volumes about the role the now plays, or doesn’t play, in democracies today. Whoever the Daily Mail thinks it represents, it clearly isn’t honest, hard-working people, or their families and communities – not anymore. At least they covered it I suppose. I am yet to see a single mention in the Australian press.
For any Australian Petition to draw such a tsunami of signatures – 50,000 of which came in only the last 10 hours– should be a massive story in my book. The fact that it succeeded despite having no publicity, no huge funding injections from outside interest groups, no teams of highly paid lobbyists or social influencers drumming up support behind the scenes, makes it one of the biggest genuinely popular responses to a petition in Australia’s history.
I am not sure what the federal government’s policy is on Petition numbers, but if a Petition signed by over 300,000 Australian citizens doesn’t force a debate on the floor of this country’s Parliament, then democracy really is dead.
Please sign our Queensland Petition to Restore Democracy:
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