Watching our government and media subject Novak Djokovic, to one of the worst cases of public shaming I’ve ever witnessed, was unedifying to say the least.

Obviously he was the perfect scapegoat for the Government’s propaganda war on unvaxxed humans, but was that all?

After all, many other unvaccinated tennis players were allowed in to play, holding the very same visa as Djokovic.
Why was only he singled out?

One theory involves the hundreds of thousands of protestors who blocked Serbia’s roads and bridges last month, bringing the whole country to a standstill.

The object of their fury was Rio Tinto, the mining giant who adds $56 billion to Australia’s GDP each year, and billions in royalties, taxes and community investments.

The company is developing a vast underground lithium mine in Serbia’s most fertile agricultural region, the Jadar Valley.

When Serbia’s Government tried to pass new legislation, making it easier for Rio Tinto and other foreign multinationals to appropriate people’s land, the country descended into chaos.

Protestors flooded the streets holding banners saying “Stop Rio Tinto, save our Valley. Others chanted: “Rio Tinto, get your hands off the Drina River”.

That’s when Serbia’s national hero Novak Djokovic stood up to defend the protestors and their cause.
On Instagram, he wrote:
“clean air, water and food are the key to health, and without them it makes no sense to talk about health”.
Shortly afterwards the whole project was put “on hold”.

The President warned Serbians the country would be forced to “pay a billion euros if it withdrew from the business with the Anglo-Australian company”, but still he was ordered to “Stop the Jadar Project immediately”.

Protestors gave a deadline of 7 January for the public release of all the government’s ‘commercial in confidence’ dealings with Rio Tinto.

That deadline, 7 January, was coincidentally the same day Djokovic’s Australian Visa was revoked.
No one knows exactly who gave the order, but interestingly, the PM’s Chief of Staff, John Kunkel, is a former “Chief Adviser” lobbyist for – you guessed it – RIO TINTO.

In 2019, he was described as one of the 10 most powerful people Australians had never heard of by the ABC.
There are other possibilities …

Serbia’s lithium deposit is the biggest in Europe and 10% of the world’s reserves. It is regarded as the ‘new oil’, and destined to power the world’s green economy and ‘Great Reset’. Without it, nothing happens. Not 5G, not EVs, IoT, Digital Economy or ‘net zero by 2050’!!

I wonder what would happen to a country or people, who got in the way of all that?

I suspect the public shaming of their national hero, would be the least of it …

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