The Morrison government recently announced plans to roll-out a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC), as part of a new “payments and crypto reform plan.”

The reform, we are told by an excited and uncritical financial media, will be the biggest shake-up of the Australian payments system since the 1990.

According to Reuters, “about 90 countries, including China, are exploring or launching their own Central Bank Digital Currency“.

So why are ‘CBDCs’ suddenly ‘flavour of the month’ for governments around the world, including ours?

And why does it seem as though EVERY government in the world, has come up with the same idea, at the same time – yet again?

The best way to work out the REAL agenda behind any new law or policy, is to imagine what the ‘finished product’ will look like, and how it might impact you personally.

One way to do so in this case, is to look at some of the digital currency ‘pilots’ already being run by governments overseas.

In 2021, the Mexican government launched a CBDC digital currency using blockchain technology.

It is called the ‘hoozie’ and it is pegged to the Mexican Peso 1-1.

A ‘test pilot’ for the program was run in the region of Guadaljara, where people could ‘earn’ hoozies, by carrying out activities that ‘benefit’ their communities, public health and the environment

For example, people can earn 10 ‘hoozies’ if they use public transport or cycle to work, instead of driving.

Business owners, meanwhile, are told they can can use the ‘hoozie’ app to set tasks for their staff, and then “obtain reliable measurements on participation, duration and attendance”.

Initially, the emphasis is all on the ‘rewards’ you can earn for ‘good behaviour’, but ultimately, the platform is also designed for a much more heavy handed approach.

In Sweden, they have the ‘DO’ card, which is backed by the UN, Mastercard and the World Economic Forum.

According to WEF:

“While many of us are aware that we need to reduce our carbon footprint, advice on doing so can seem nebulous and keeping a tab is difficult.  The ‘DO’ monitors and CUTS OFF SPENDING when we hit our carbon max”.

The card features the slogan “DO Everyday Climate Action” and also has a piece of propaganda on the back which says:

“I am taking responsibility for every transaction I make to help protect the planet”.

It doesn’t just have to be carbon either.

The ‘digital currencies’ can be “programmed”, based on whatever “social good” government decides it wants to focus on that week – whether its ‘healthy eating’, ‘good parenting’ or ‘sustainability’.

‘Central Bank Digital Currencies’ provide governments with the perfect medium for surveillance, social control and ‘behaviour change’.

The kind of ‘full spectrum dominance’ of their people, that dictators like Ghengis Khan and Hitler could only dream about.

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