Humans are the new oil!

Last week, Qld Parliament passed the “Strengthening Community Safety Bill 2023”.

Buried in the bill were a number of broadly drafted provisions to enhance data-sharing arrangements across the whole youth justice system.

Elsewhere, the bill introduced a network of “Multi-Agency Collaborative Panels”, tasked with taking a ‘multigenerational systems approach’ to the problem of youth crime in Queensland.

These types of ‘panels’, known in the UK as ‘hubs’, are well-known vehicles for the new data-driven ‘Impact Investing’ markets that groups like the UN, World Economic Forum, World Bank and OECD are pushing for.

The idea is to ‘financialise’ the old welfare state, by creating complex new debt instruments called ‘Social Impact Bonds’ (SIBs), aka ‘pay-for-success’ or ‘pay-for-outcome’ contracts.

These contracts allow governments to outsource public services tied to performance metrics, that can be verified using 5g sensor technology linked to ‘real time’ monitoring and aggregated data streams.

Wealthy institutional investors provide the up-front funding for a government service on the understanding that if the intervention they’ve invested in ‘works’, the government will repay them in full, along with a pre-agreed, built-in profit.

In 2008, the Rockefeller Foundation provided funding for B-Lab to develop the “human capital” equations and standardized impact metrics needed to underpin this predatory new market.

Today B-Lab partners with the Global Impact Investment Network (GIIN) in maintaining a catalogue of management tools and over 2,500 impact metrics, all aligned to Agenda 2030’s Sustainable Development Goals and ESG accounting.

The UN and WEF are major players in this game, as is the World Bank’s Human Capital Project (HCP) together with over 2,000 of the world’s largest asset holders.

The whole program has strong links to Digital ID and programmable CBDCs, with digital welfare benefits to be made conditional on the successful completion of set social engineering tasks.

All of it is being sold using soothing buzz words like ‘equity’, ‘inclusion’ and ‘sustainability’.

Or progressive euphemisms like “disruptive innovation”, “evidence-based solutions”, “preventative governance”, “social prescribing”, “cradle to career pathways”, “lifelong learning” and the “continuum of care”.

It is Globalisation 4.0.

Only this time it will be human beings themselves who are fed through algorithms, then packaged up and ‘sold’ as tradable data commodities on the new human capital investment markets.

The pitch may be “healthy and safe communities,” but don’t be fooled.

‘Social enterprise’ is NOT about making you healthier or safer.

It’s about re-engineering human misery for profit via “innovative” new debt structures.

Call it ‘Stakeholder Capitalism’ or call it the ‘Digital Economy’.

None of it has your best interests at heart.

More info:

Human Capital Project

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