commercial freedom

Stephen Andrew statement on commercial freedoms

Which seemingly normal practices, commercial freedoms are going to be written off today? It seems that the retail sale of firearms is ok but you cannot ship them any more if your involvement is with retail customers.
Given the fact we have strict compliance criteria one would think shipping dealer to dealer would be acceptable but alas, they are involved in retail so it’s a no go zone either but you can ship from wholesalers to dealerships? Dealerships are retail, thus the supply and parts chain is broken. What if you ship other goods, nope still not allowed because you retail firearms.
Are you actually seeing this?
I lost freight and finance in 2 Months. They are shutting finance and international transfers down as well. So commerce and trading weapons is now being treated as “too risky” to continue to do business with, what’s next; red meat, cows milk, fossil fuels or parts for farm equipment?
The silent war war on certain things seem to be alive and well, where is it coming from, nobody seems to know, they just know your account is closed as of the end of the month.
The 64 Million $$ question. ..what part of our seemingly normal society, trade or practices will be the next “Shot Duck”?
Incrementalism at its finest, coming to everything you hold dear very soon.
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