Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced the introduction of new laws making it illegal to buy, sell, transfer or import handguns anywhere in Canada.

‘Gun groups’ are warning of government plans to eventually ‘seize’ Canadians’ guns.

‘Fact checkers’ are saying this is ‘misinformation’, but it’s in the actual Bill!!

Public Safety Canada, a federal agency, said:

“Most owners of covered rifles will be required to surrender them to the government, via a mandatory buyback program set to begin by the end of 2022”.


The door is left open for firearms to be “seized” from anyone who doesn’t comply with the “mandatory” buyback.

Large-capacity magazines will be banned and penalties for offences, increase substantially.

There is also a draconian new “red flag” system, that allows people to petition the court to have a person’s license revoked.

If granted, the State can ‘confiscate’ the person’s firearms immediately.

The Government says it will use the ‘red flag’ system to ‘confiscate’ the guns of “radicalised individuals”.

I think we can all see where that’s headed.

Canadian truckers and their supporters will be first cab off the rank, just watch.

At his highly staged-managed press briefing, Trudeau boasted of having banned 1,500 types of firearms in 2020, on the back of a ‘lone wolf’ shooting in Nova-Scotia.

It is crucial, Trudeau said, to “keep firearms OUT OF THE WRONG HANDS”.


So guns themselves aren’t bad – just guns in the “WRONG HANDS” – aka ordinary, law-abiding citizens.

In the “RIGHT HANDS”, however, guns are all good.

That’s why Trudeau is happy to arm all those doing the State’s bidding, with as many military-grade firearms and high-powered weapons as Canadian taxpayers’ money can buy.

Something once considered far more dangerous to “the safety of Canadian citizens” than any ‘lone wolf’ shooter.

Bear in mind, Canada already has one of the strictest ‘vetting’ procedures in the world.

Gun-owners must lock guns away unloaded in a safe, with bullets stored in a different location.  They also waive all rights to warrantless searches.

Police can enter their homes unannounced and without warrant – just to “check” on you.

If you go to the gun range or to get your gun serviced, you must notify the police of the date and time.

You must tell them where you are going, the exact route you are taking – point A to point B.

None of this is about safety – it’s about control.

Australia and New Zealand gun owners have been warned.

Anything done by one ‘Five Eye Nation’, means it is ‘on the table’ for ALL.

Firearms Buy-Back Program

Further strengthening our gun control laws – Canada


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