I’m starting to wonder if this has become a competition for the most “out of touch with reality” claim made by an individual type turn out.
It must be great to sit in a heated room with decadent food flown in from all parts of the the world, that’s been grown and harvested by famers, caught by fishermen and cooked on natural gas, to then tell everyone how it should be outlawed as they climb back on their private jets with a carbon footprint of 24:7 Gulf oil fire.
Talk about hypocrisy, which leads me to believe there could be one way to solve the global electricity problems. If bullshit was electricity, some people would be walking power stations.
They are going after food production no doubt to replace it with there insect products and GMO alternatives. This is ramping up and is becoming very blatant in its delivery.

Kieran Kelly writes

The world elites are proposing to imprisoned people if they take part in Fishing or farming activities. In an unprecedented display of delirium at the World Economic Forum, Ludacris proposed a ludicrous ban on all forms of fishing, citing the creation of a new term, “ecocide,” to describe the act of catching fish. In a bewildering twist, he suggested imprisoning fishermen for committing this supposed crime against the environment. The World Economic Forum, usually known for discussing serious economic matters, seemed to have taken a dive into the absurd with this proposal. Perhaps next year, they will suggest outlawing the consumption of carrots to protect the rights of rabbits.
Remember, we can’t survive without farmers and fishermen.

Kieran Kelly  writes

So they want to ban all fishing and farming ?
In a mind-boggling proposal, the World Economic Forum has reportedly entertained the idea of banning rice production as a solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Because apparently, in their parallel universe, the world can do without one of the most widely consumed staple foods, and millions of people can simply forget about their beloved sushi and biryani. One can only imagine the uproar from rice-loving nations and the perplexed looks on the faces of farmers who have been cultivating the grain for centuries. It seems the folks at the forum have cooked up a scheme that’s more half-baked than a poorly prepared risotto!
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