STATE Member for Mirani, Stephen Andrew, is backing a proposal to build a multi-motorsport venue, including a “drift pad” at the Palmyra Dragway to help get illegal hooning off the local streets.


“I think there needs to be a little more carrot and a little less stick,” Mr Andrew said. “The State government is spending a lot of money on policing and cracking down on hoons so I’d like to see some of that funding go towards something more constructive.”

To lend more weight to his push, he is seeking help with a petition, both online and hard-copy version, that people can sign to show their support for the project. “The more support we can demonstrate for this project, the more likely we are of securing the $280,000 funding required through whatever means possible,” Mr Andrew said.

The Palmyra Drag Racing Club wants to upgrade the eastern safety wall at Palmyra Dragway to ensure it meets all safety requirements to continue to hold drag racing events. But another major upgrade for the facility is the sealed area at the southern end, with plans to build 9000 sqm of multi-use bitumen.

Mr Andrew said the project would provide an area for local motorsport clubs to run motorsport events as well as advanced driver training. “This project would give motorsport enthusiasts in the region a safe and controlled place to have competitions or come-and-try days,” he said.

Mr Andrew said one of the great advantages of building a drift pad at the venue would be getting those kinds of activities off the local roads. “I have been contacted many times by families upset by illegal hooning in their suburban street in the middle of the night. No one should have put up with screeching tyres at 2am on a regular basis, especially when you have small children trying to sleep,” he said. “Building a dedicated facility in a safe environment away from the suburbs should help alleviate that problem so I’m hoping to see support from not only those who want to use the facility but locals who want to get more sleep.”



In the past three months, whole industries have stalled, people have lost jobs and the State has been plunged further into debt. In those past months, I have outlined a KickStart Queensland strategy that maps out a path back to prosperity.

The Recovery Government (the government that leads Queensland through the economic recovery) must get out of the way and let Queensland shine like it used to. Environmental safeguards are important but the default position needs to change from asking “how do we stop this?” to asking “how do we make this happen?”

The government needs to stop paying external consultants to the government’s job and apply some accountability and transparency to the NGOs that suck up more taxpayer dollars than the parliamentary library is able to count. A Recovery Government will quit wasting millions of dollars on photo opportunities like a 2032 Olympics bid and redirect support to industry and local manufacturing  to boost the economy now and keep jobs in Queensland.

Both the Labor Party and the LNP need to withdraw the billion-plus dollars they are throwing at dodgy reef science to point the finger at farmers and actually back those farmers to produce better outcomes for the reef, for farming communities, and the State’s economy. And if the next government doesn’t repeal the vegetation laws (because we know this one won’t), the entire agriculture sector will be decimated as farmers simply walk away.

Queensland will flourish when their government focuses on their interests instead of funding and pandering to political correctness, China, the United Nations, UNESCO, and the other unelected globalist influences. Allowing foreign entities (especially the Chinese Communist Party) to buy land, water, and agribusiness without expanding and creating industries is not foreign investment. It is a foreign purchase and we would do well to ban all foreign purchases.

Until Queensland has a government committed to building dams and infrastructure to deliver affordable and reliable water and energy, industry and prosperity will continue to spiral. Our economy can’t move forward if our biggest industries are going backwards.

The Mount Morgan Mine was instrumental in Australia’s financial foundation. The current government has invested millions into an evaporation method of cleaning up an environmental problem left by the early mine. But this has not reduced the poison oozing from the mine – just concentrated it for release at the next weather event. If the government was truly committed to the environment it would stump up half of the $500m outlined by the CQU to assist Heritage Mining in rehabilitating this site and creating jobs.