The Queensland Labor government’s botched “gun laws” did nothing for domestic violence but once again made farmers collateral damage of vote-buying in the south-east corner. This week, I created an e-petition to have all the restrictions lifted after a partial backflip three weeks ago. The e-petition can be signed here:

Restrictions on ammunition sales were originally introduced after the Health Minister raised concerns about a possible increase in firearm-related domestic violence resulting from COVID-19 restrictions. Those concerns have since proved to be completely unfounded. The evidence now shows that imposing (and subsequently lifting) restrictions delivered no significant change in the number of firearm-related domestic violence incidents.

The sad reality is that domestic violence is far too common and I welcome actions that would make a genuine difference. But domestic violence rarely involves a firearm. Their willingness to remove guns from regional farms but not knives from suburban kitchens proves Labor and the Greens are only in it for the votes.

The petition requests the Queensland parliament “rescind the health directive and reinstate all regular trading to all firearms dealers and armourers and allow all licensed firearms owners full access to buy and sell as they did before the COVID 19 pandemic, with full observance of current social distancing laws.”

Businesses are already struggling as a result of social distancing regulations without additional burdens being imposed on unfounded claims. By preventing farmers from doing their job, the Labor government has only hurt the supply chain for the food we all rely on, including those in capital cities who vote for Labor because they think meat comes from supermarket.