Politicians love to talk about how important “small business” is to the economy and how it must be supported.

And yet those same politicians are often the ones found passing law after law, bent on destroying it.

It reminds me of what my grandfather always said:

“Don’t listen to what people say, LOOK AT WHAT THEY DO!”

It was good advice then and indispensable today.

Last month, Australia’s Workplace Relations Minister, Tony Burke, called “gig workers” a ‘cancer’ on the economy.

Let’s just get something straight.

“Gig workers” are, by strict definition, SELF-EMPLOYED WORKERS.

Words matter.  And right now, they are being weaponised against us at an absolutely unprecedented rate.

Governments and politicians want you to believe this war on the “Gig economy” is them taking on ‘Big Business’ giants like Uber and Amazon.   It’s not.

That’s just a smokescreen.

In reality, it’s a full frontal assault on millions of hard-working, self-employed Australians, whose only crime has been to pursue a dream of becoming ‘their own boss’.

You know the ones I mean, café owners, hairdressers, small contractors, independent bus drivers, courier drivers, truckies, importers, cleaners, nannies, plumbers, electricians and numerous other blue-collar workers and small businesses.

That’s who Burke and others are calling a ‘cancer’ on our economy.

It is they who governments and their globalist mates at WEF are determined to ‘demonise, disrupt and destroy.’


Because they are the only sector Big Government doesn’t completely control yet.  And as we all know, these despicable Technocrats are ALL about control.

It certainly didn’t go unnoticed that the one sector Governments had problems imposing draconian health orders on, were unincorporated small businesses, sole traders and self-employed workers.

That’s because they are one of the few remaining sectors still governed by ‘common law’, not the law of contracts.

Interestingly, it is also the sector where ‘cash’ is still the preferred way of doing business.

Need I say more?

Why else do you think the ATO bureaucrats have waged an almost non-stop war of attrition against the sector for over a decade?

Small business, sole traders and the self-employed are one of the last bastions of freedom within today’s economic system.

Did you really think the ‘control freaks’ in Canberra and Davos would allow that to stand?

Not on your ‘Net Zero’ Nelly!

All those fighting to keep cash – PAY ATTENTION.

Support small businesses, sole traders and self-employed workers like your freedom depends on it.

Because it does!

#supportsmallbusiness #savecash

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