Stephen Andrew statement on legislation

If passed, the Public Health and Other Legislation (Further Extension of Expiring Provisions) Amendment Bill 2021, will take Queensland’s rolling state of emergency into its third year.
Under the State’s Covid-19 Emergency legislation framework, these emergency powers bestow enormous legislative and executive decision-making powers in the hands of a few, with no oversight, public debate or parliamentary scrutiny. They must be held accountable.
Without any clearly defined exit strategy, there is also a real danger that the Government’s use of these emergency powers and measures, will become normalised over time and eventually, permanent.
Under the ‘rule of law’ model this country was founded on, any exercise of the Executive’s regulation-making powers must be proportionate and reasonable, and strictly ‘time limited’.

Accountable for strategy

Maintaining an infection eradication strategy in Queensland – something that was never mentioned or discussed in the beginning – risks a future of economic impoverishment, endless snap lockdowns, disruptive travel restrictions, panic buying, rationing and routine draconian punishments for citizens exercising their democratic rights and freedoms.
Queenslanders are now effectively being ruled by Executive Decree, with absolute power vested in an unaccountable Executive, and none of the usual ‘checks and balances’ essential to a functioning democracy.
That’s why I have decided to draft a Parliamentary Petition against the Bill, requesting Parliament to oppose it and prepare new legislation that better safeguards our system of government and the people’s rights and freedoms.
I will post the link to the Petition, all things goin well today and hopefully we can get as many people as possible to sign it.
The more people that sign it, the more Government will be forced to listen.

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  1. Claire
    Claire says:

    I am concerned about the labor govt push this Wednesday to take away the freedom of Qld citizens.
    This is unconstitutional and they are guilty of treason.


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