Sharing on behalf of all the People who exercised their right to choose, no matter if your a government employee, small business, Mum – Dad, sick or elderly.
Regardless of your medical or personal status, the cost to Queensland is yet to be realised on so many levels.
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  1. Phillip Chippendale
    Phillip Chippendale says:

    Bloody oath. These “jabs” are still “experimental with only “provisional approval” based on short term clincial trails. With continued “approval” to be based upon results from “ongoing clinical” trials that will not conclude until 2023 for adults and the youth in 2025. We are the guinea pigs !!! My question for Government who stated these vaccines would never be mandated and would remain voluntary, but then passed the buck to the states & allowed them to mandate No Jab- No Job policys effectively forcing people to be injected with these jabs to keep a roof over thier head is Criminal.
    How can any one Mandate an experimental never before used in humans vaccine? ? ?
    All Governments who have “Mandated” experimental vaccines are COMPLICIT in the many hundreds of deaths, the many many thousands maimed & suffering from recieving what the Government told us are ” safe” vaccines.
    Good health to all.
    Phil Chippy


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