The Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy sent out an urgent call for desperately needed volunteers during the recent flood crisis.

However, when ‘unvaccinated’ volunteers responded to the Department’s call, they were treated like lepers and told their services were NOT required.

One community spirited lady who didn’t want to leave it at that, went back to the Department’s Recovery team and offered to do whatever she could to help ‘behind the scenes’, like answering phones or helping with logistics.

The curt response from the Department was essentially ‘thanks, but no thanks’.

Fortunately the rejected volunteer thought to take a screenshot of the hurtful knockback, providing us with incontrovertible evidence of the government’s ‘shadow banning’ of unvaxxed volunteers.

One of my staff members then thought to call the Queensland SES (State Emergency Service) Volunteers Brisbane Region to ask what their policy on unvaccinated volunteers was.

She was told that the Queensland SES was not accepting new unvaccinated volunteers and had put restrictions on existing volunteers who weren’t vaxxed.

The SES manager said that while ‘unvaxxed’ volunteers were allowed to help out within their own region (there are 6 in Queensland), they could not be deployed to other regions if they needed help.

The same was true for any SES volunteers from NSW or other States offering to help with relief efforts – only fully jabbed ones were allowed in apparently.

God only knows what unnecessary hardship or losses have been suffered by flood-stranded Queenslanders as a result of this contemptible policy by the Qld Government.

It’s not as though the State is so overflowing with SES volunteers, that they can afford to pick and choose like this.

Over 20 SES branches have closed in recent years in Qld and thousands of volunteers have quit.

Figures revealed during the 2019 budget estimates showed that 19 SES groups have closed across Queensland since November 2015, including eight in Mackay.

And what about the Rural Fire Service?

Will they be adopting the same suicidal policy when the next bush fire disaster rolls around?

If they do, the consequences for the whole state could be catastrophic.

This madness has to stop before it costs lives – if it hasn’t done so already!

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  1. PCRocky
    PCRocky says:

    Absolutely mindbogglingly head banging stupidity!!
    I wonder did all those that were rescued from flooded house rooftops ask their rescuers ” are you vaccinated” before clambering into their “neighbours” boat” !! Yet as soon as the “Government” gets involved suddenly they need to be “vaccinated”. What we have all allowed to happen under the “guise” of Public health is an absolute joke.
    None of this makes any sense & the sooner we all wake up & return to life “pre-pandemic ” ( if we are allowed ) the better.
    Bring back common sense.


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