rally against mandates

Stephen Andrew statement on rally against mandates

Yesterday’s huge rallies across Queensland, were just what we all needed to re-connect with each other, and make common cause for freedom, democracy and human rights in Queensland. In Brisbane, over 100,000 people marched, making it far and away the biggest protest march the State has ever seen.
Predictably, the mainstream media were NOT present, although earlier in the day some were seen swarming over the George Soros funded ‘Antifa’ “marchers”, who sprinted through the city shouting ‘Pro-Government’ slogans, which nobody could hear because the masks they all wore, muffled their words. It was a performance many found, incredibly macabre, while others split their sides laughing over (depending who you spoke to).
The idea of two dozen or so, pale-faced zealots, racing through the streets robotically chanting something no-one can understand, before disappearing into thin air, does sound pretty funny to me, I have to admit. What wasn’t so funny, was the way news cameras swarmed all round the group shooting it from every angle – ‘tight’ footage shots of course, to disguise how embarrassingly few of them there actually were. They also disappeared once the main event commenced.
No “journalists” or cameras were seen again, and NO news choppers buzzed overhead to capture the extraordinary sight of 100,000 Queenslanders marching together, across all barriers of race, class, creed, religion, politics or background. Great journalists of the past, must have been spinning in their graves at this wholesale betrayal of a once worthy profession.
At Brisbane’s Rally, as with all the others, Vaccinated and Unvaccinated Queenslanders united as one people for freedom. I can only imagine tomorrow’s government crisis meetings, as their battalion of ‘nudge’ specialists and ‘game theory’ nerds, scramble to come up with even more Machiavellian and shameful ideas for dividing everyone again.
Give it up boys (they are all boys too BTW), no amount of ‘messaging’ or ‘tweaking’ of the people’s “choice architecture”, is going to be enough to stop the momentum we saw yesterday.


I’d like to say a big thank you to police, whose relaxed attitude helped ensure the rallies were all the peaceful and happy occasions they were intended to be. A big thank you also, to Rally organisers, for whom I have nothing but admiration and deep respect.
Finally, to the hundreds of thousands of Queenslanders who marched yesterday –– every single, one of you is a dead-set Champion! ‘Victory Day’ may still be a ways off, but it’s all onwards and upwards from here, people.
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