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Steven Andrew statement on Zero Freedom

‘Zero COVID’ equals ‘zero freedom” for the unvaccinated. From October 11, the “unvaccinated” will be jailed if they try to enter venues in New South Wales.
The NSW Premier announced earlier this week, (thankfully she has now stepped down) that a new Public Health order will come into effect on 11 October, that introduces some of the most draconian and divisive laws ever seen, anywhere, as “the unvaccinated” are stripped of pretty much all of their freedoms and rights.
They will not be able to go to pubs, eat at restaurants, attend outdoor gatherings, weddings, funerals or even take part in church services. They will be banned from going to any theatres, hair salons, gyms, indoor or outdoor sporting facilities, and much much more. Any unvaccinated people who do try to illegally enter any of these venues, will face police charges and prison time, according to the NSW Customer Service Minister, Victor Dominello.
Minister Dominello, who was struck with Bell’s Palsy after receiving his first jab, and who is currently in charge of NSW’s vaccine roll-out, told the ABC:
“If people want to do the wrong thing, and they get found out, as I said, it could be jail time there”. (As the Premier does a Runner)
The Minister’s office later released a statement restated the warning, saying:
“Businesses and customers have a shared responsibility to comply with the rules and keep the public safe. People who create and use fake vaccine certificates will face the full force of the law and could face jail time”.
Mr Dominello also told Nine’s Today show this week that if “the unvaccinated” try to enter shops, restaurants or other venues in the state, other citizens and business owners must immediately report them to the police.
The “unvaccinated” in regional areas, who are currently not under the same restrictions as metropolitan areas, will also lose most of their freedoms.
Former Deputy Premier (Now acting Premier) John Barilaro said: “there will be individuals in regional and rural New South Wales who choose not to be vaccinated who will lose their freedoms on the 11th of October.”
Obviously nothing to see here?? MUCH
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