President Biden’s speech at Independence Hall in Philadelphia last Thursday was a remarkable piece of political stagecraft and theatre.

The reaction from the public ranged from total disgust on one hand and merciless ridicule and mocking on the other.

There is no doubt the ‘optics’ were a disaster.

As one online critic tweeted:

“Who gives a speech warning people about how dangerous Republicans are to democracy, while having a background that looks like the Soviet Union and Hitler had a baby”.

Even more frightening than the imagery, however, was the language.

Biden’s words were shockingly inflammatory, divisive and dangerous.

Never before has an American president singled out a particular group domestically and demonised them as ‘enemies of democracy’ who “must be defeated”.

This emphasis on democracy and the ‘threat to democracy’ which is clearly a perversion, was used throughout the speech.

The premise being that there is some form of underground subversive network conspiring to overthrow the ‘rule of law’ and ‘destroy democracy’.

It is a premise being used worldwide to justify the loss of even more freedoms and rights than we lost as part of the West’s ‘war on terror’.

For now, the ‘enemy du jour’ are ‘MAGA patriots’ but that can easily change.

It is significant that Biden never actually defines what a MAGA or an ‘extremist’ is exactly?

The word ‘Democracy’, meanwhile, has a similarly ambiguous meaning.

It appears to have been redefined to mean anything opposed to ‘the Consensus’ view of those in power.

The idea being that the ‘Consensus’ equates to the ‘majority’ – although this has never been tested in any nation-wide polls.  That would be far too risky.

Everything about Biden’s speech was staged for emotional, subliminal impact.  It was highly scripted with carefully chosen buzzwords, or dog whistles.

These are a way of calling out all those who oppose your agenda, labelling them as ‘enemies’ and marking them out for destruction.

This is how totalitarian societies have rid themselves of political dissidents throughout history.

Identify them, label them, demonise and then destroy them.

From Nero to Pol Pot, Mao, Hitler and Stalin – the tactic is always the same.

Of course, we all know there is no way that Biden wrote that speech.

He is just a willing mouthpiece for those who pull his strings.

It is they who hate and despise everything the so-called MAGA enemy stands for – small government, freedom, individual autonomy, civil rights and national sovereignty.

Biden may have been the one delivering the speech, but the words and messaging were theirs.

It is a message that Australians need to pay attention to, because the same process is happening here.

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