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Stephen Andrew statement on police sackings

1200 Queensland Police Officers have been suspended with a measly 7 days’ pay for refusing to comply with Chief Health Officer Young’s Order that they be jabbed. Out of 12,000 police officers and 5000 support staff, a staggering 33% of the force said ‘We do not consent’. That means ONE-THIRD of the State’s Police Force will now be “purged” from QPS.
Qld Police Commissioner, Katarina Carroll, said she didn’t see a problem, however, as she doubled down hard on her ruthless stance. She told Seven, “we’ve done the math on this”, and while the next 2 or 3 months might be “challenging”, losing 33% of the State’s Police Force will be “manageable”.
“Manageable”? Is she kidding? Seems not. Carroll told Seven News she had it covered. Her solution is to “shift police around the state”, “increase overtime” and make “officers work extra shifts”.
Police Minister, Mark Ryan, was just as unphased, saying government would just “fast-track” the graduation of new recruits to ‘cover the cracks’. So basically, a bunch of fresh-faced newbies will be brought in and tossed into the deep end, all to save the government and commissioner’s hide.
The icing on the cake, though, were hints by Channel 7, that the army could be brought in to ‘bridge the gap’. Channel 7 reminded viewers how soldiers were brought in four weeks ago to police the Qld border, after Jeannette Young ordered border police to get jabbed, and not enough complied – leaving the border under-manned. Great, so not only do we have armed soldiers policing our borders, we many now have them policing our streets as well.
‘No jab, no Job’ policies are Orwellian and an embarrassment in a country that still describes itself as “free and democratic”. There is absolutely nothing ‘voluntary’ or ‘ethical’ about this policy. It amounts to ‘coercive control’ by the State against powerless citizens. Now we are seeing the human cost of it all with 1,200 good men and women, hailed as heroes last year, now ‘kicked to the kerbside’ like so much rubbish.
Do any of our elites care? Not on your life.
As Commissioner Carroll said yesterday:
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  1. Brad
    Brad says:

    Stephen, you obviously are aware of the big picture and what’s going on from the looks of some of your posts,

    Having long believed that QLD is part of Australia and that “We do not have a mandatory vaccination policy” his words
    but of course he slid it off to business to carry this out in his follow up comments and I quote
    “But an employer may wish to make a reasonable directive to staff and if they do so, they will need to do so consistent with the law, and that particularly will deal with a situation where an employee may be in direct contact potentially or becoming infected and acquiring the virus.

    “But ultimately they’re choices for the businesses themselves.”

    If the Australian Federal Govt can’t make it mandatory,

    How can the QLD State Govt through one of it’s Departments mandate this?

    Surely QLD is still a member of the Commonwealth of Australia or have I missed Something here.

    Has the QLD Police force been privatised?

    As a member of the public I have no wish to have any worker that I may come in contact with being coerced into an invasive procedure that they don’t wish too submit to, that the data is showing that these provisioally approved vaccines don’t seem to be stacking up in my view, in so far as being able to prevent someone (the vaccinee) from getting crook and perhaps spreading it anyway. I’m hardly an expert on the topic but Prof Nikolai Petrovsky certainly is and from the era I come from as the Professor the process to to this takes between 10 to 15 years, I can’t quote him exactly but the timeline sticks in my head.
    If a person willingly submit to the trial having made an assesment of the risk/reward then that is their choice and I respect that if someone has looked at the data and there is plenty of that available and made a conscious decision that they are not in the vunerable group, that is also their choice.
    Me personally, I feel that I have to take note of the science that says 10 to 15 years as I remeber quite clearly what the end result of Thalidamide , I really hope that those that have rushed in because of the fear generated, have no long term side effects but we don’t know this yet do we.
    I’m hoping Prof Petrovsky’s vaccine will get approval but I feel there is still a ways to go. Maybe once this happens these guys may feel like I do and trust this and perhaps they can return to work and get their lives back.

    I hope the same for anyone who lost their job in any industry


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