medical tyranny

Stephen Andrew statement on medical tyranny

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s shocking announcement this morning, upheld all the principles of ‘mission creep’ that we have come to know and expect from our devious, ‘wolves in sheep clothing’ governments, over the past two decades or more.
Clearly, all our ‘leaders’ and governments are working according to some inter-governmentally agreed timetable and plan, which, when fully played out, will see mandatory vaccination, and a universal Digital Identity system, adopted sector-wide across the economy, and not a single worker or citizen in the State will be left untouched by them.
Already, we have seen the increasing use of this unprecedented and shameful piece of public policy, seized on opportunistically by elites within the private sector – all without a peep of protest from our media, judiciary or public institutions – including ALL the Christian Churches!
This incrementally applied policy of state coercion, means tens of millions of increasingly traumatised Australians will be forced to accept an endless round of radical new treatments, the medium and long term effects for which even the TGA and FDA admit are unknown.
For those who decide to hold onto their inalienable right to make their own health choices, the impacts will be financially and emotionally catastrophic and, in some cases, lead to family breakdowns, social isolation and even destitution.
This is an appalling breach of every known principle of a government’s ‘duty of care’ to its people.
It also means the creation of a ‘two tier’ medically segregated State – an unthinkable and dangerous proposition that should be a red flag to any Queenslander who values freedom, equality or justice.
Even worse, it officially sanctions the age-old tactics of ‘scapegoating’ and ‘exclusion’, which so many black Australians, including my own Australian South Sea Islander people, have endured throughout history.
This time, these hateful tactics are to be imposed on a newly created, and demonised ‘second-class’ outgroup, who are to be stripped of all their basic human rights as tax-paying Australians.
Anyone who has read history, knows exactly where these sort of morally bankrupt policies and tactics end – in rising levels of state-sanctioned persecution, internment and finally, crimes against humanity.
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