Alarming rise in divisive rhetoric from government


Any state with the ability to inflict full spectrum dominance on its citizens, can never be described as free, or democratic.

It does not matter if that state isn’t actually using that dominance ‘right now’.

It WILL use it, eventually – as history has shown again and again.

Hannah Arendt wrote that the goal of total surveillance is not to ‘discover’ or prevent crime, but to be ready to use when the government decides to arrest a certain category of people it sees as a threat.

In the beginning this may mean ‘anti-vaxxers’, ‘sovereign citizens’, and freedom fighters.  But over time it will inevitably expand to include all those who oppose its Agenda – libertarians, conservatives, free-marketeers, home schoolers, climate sceptics, farmers and, yes, Christians.

Already we are seeing an alarming rise in divisive, anti-Christian rhetoric creeping into the public discourse.

This will only increase as more and more ‘woke’ laws are passed.

It is puzzling how few Christians seem to realise this.

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