Assistant Electorate Officer Positions

Applications are now being accepted for two (2) positions in the Office of the Member for Mirani:

  1. Assistant Electorate Officer – Administration (3 days)
  2. Assistant Electorate Officer – Information Technology (2 days)

These positions are based in Sarina on a casual basis. They are highly valued, helping build and maintain our strong community network and relationships across the Mirani electorate.

A probationary period of three (3) months applies.

Position Description

The roles are highly valued, helping build and maintain our strong community network and relationships with important groups across the Mirani electorate.


Both positions work within the Mirani Electorate Office.

Both positions assist the Mirani Electorate Officer and Member for Mirani in obtaining solutions for problems presented by individuals and organisations.

The position involves reception duties and dealing with constituents and the general public.

There may be occasions when the Assistant Electorate Officers will be required to work without supervision or minimal direction and may be required to work in the Mirani Electorate Office alone.

The incumbent must be able to observe high levels of confidentiality in relation to the Member’s duties and constituent work and to demonstrate a high standard of literacy and personal presentation and punctuality.

The Mirani Electorate Office is a fast paced, dynamic environment that will require discretion in dealing with issues presented to you as a representative of the Member within the Mirani Electorate Office.

Primary Objectives

To provide administrative and clerical assistance to the Electorate Officer and Member of Parliament in the Mirani Electorate Office established by Stephen Andrew MP.

Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of the Assistant Electorate Officer positions may include the following:

  1. Assist in the provision of administrative support services to the Electorate Officer and Member for Mirani.
  • Assist the Electorate Officer with managing and maintaining the Member’s diary including making appointments and arrangements for meetings, events, etc.
  • Assist the Electorate Officer in the preparation of information to support the Member’s parliamentary responsibilities (e.g. Briefing notes, Questions on Notice, general research, etc.)
  • Assist the Electorate Officer with maintaining established information systems that capture and communicate important information to update the Member when absent from the office.
  • In consultation with the Electorate Officer, maintain awareness of issues raised within the community via media monitoring and network contacts.
  • Contribute to media requests and responses as directed by the Electorate Officer and Member.
  • Assist Electorate Officer with the coordination of Members official travel requirements including liaison with Parliamentary Travel and the preparation of information required for travel claims.
  • Assisting with record-keeping and data entry of expenses through the online Parliamentary Acquittal System in accordance with Parliamentary guidelines and processes as directed by the Electorate Officer.
  1. Supporting and engaging with constituents and community groups
  • Follow established processes in liaising with constituents, groups and organisations who contact the electorate office for information and assistance (via face-to face, mail or electronic contact).
  • In consultation with the Electorate Officer, maintaining and providing information to assist constituents regarding a range of public services and policies.
  • Support the maintenance of established networks including community referral and assistance networks, and government departmental and/or ministerial office contacts to assist constituents and monitor progress on pending issues.
  • Carrying out research on simple issues and information requested by the Member and support the Electorate Officer with complex issues relating to constituent enquiries.
  • Ensuring that the constituents and others have access to the Member.
  • Assist the Electorate Officer in arranging and coordinating community meetings and events on behalf of the Member e.g. show/fete stalls, stakeholder forums, public BBQs, etc.
  • Under the direction of the Member and/or Electorate Officer, attending Community events and functions with and on behalf of the Member.
  • Providing information to facilitate community petitions.
  • Assist with preparing and distributing formal communication between the Member and constituents including personal letters, community newsletters, surveys and other material as directed by the Electorate Officer.
  • In consultation with and under the direction of the Member and Electorate Officer, maintain and monitor the Member’s social media presence and/or website including updating content and images, etc.
  1. General Administration of the electorate Office
  • Assist with maintaining systems and procedures for information and document storage and management.
  • Check and report any technical issues associated with items of office equipment or security equipment and assist the Parliamentary Service in annual office stocktake processes.
  • Reporting security incidents, risks or threats that occur in the electorate office.
  • Maintain established procedures regarding the use of office petty cash systems (where applicable).
  • Order and purchase office supplies and stationery on behalf of the Member, as directed by the Electorate Officer.
  • Other general administration tasks as directed by the Electorate Officer or Member.
  1. Web Administrator Responsibilities and Duties:
  • Designing and implementing web servers apply patches and updates.
  • Creating and analyzing reports on web activity, web page hit count, traffic pattern and similar performance metrics.
  • Perform site migrations using various migration methods such as backup, restores, site copies etc.
  • Support the Member for Mirani in the development and documentation of electorate requirements.
  • Implement new software products, tools, systems, and upgrades.
  • Develop and maintain user and technical manuals and guidelines.
  • Manage user identities, credentials, and privilege on the local server.
  • Diagnose and resolve technical issues.
  • Provide desktop support to end-users by responding to requests or commentary.
  • Recommend upgrades to the network, server and related equipment, software and other relevant improvements.
  • Manage virtual hosting infrastructure and back end storage.


Experience in a ministerial or parliamentary office environment is preferred but not essential.

Skills, Knowledge and Abilities (Minimum skills and abilities)

  1. Proven word processing skills, general computing skills (e.g. email, Internet, spread sheets, data bases etc.) and PC housekeeping skills (e.g. backups, establishing and maintaining appropriate computer file structures, data archiving and deletion) at an intermediate level are considered essential.
  2. Good communication skills, both written and oral are considered essential.
  3. Good interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate and liaise with a diverse client group including constituents, community groups, Members of Parliament and Public Servants.
  4. Ability to prioritise activities to ensure deadlines are adhered to.
  5. Ability to perform allocated duties thoroughly and with limited supervision.
  6. Good general knowledge, with a particular emphasis on Queensland political and current affairs.
  7. Attention to detail, prioritization skill and time management.


To successfully undertake either of these positions, it is considered essential that the occupant of the respective position has the computing skills described above.

Hold a current Driver’s Licence.


Vaccination Requirement

On 12 December 2021, The Clerk of the Parliament issued Parliamentary Service General Directive to Officers and Employees No. 1/21 – Officer and Employee COVID-19 vaccination requirements. The Directive requires that all staff be vaccinated.

Electorate staff must receive a third (booster) dose by no later than 21 April 2022 (unless an approved exemption applies).

How to apply

Please submit a CV accompanied by a statement of interest to with the subject line AEO Admin or AEO IT – depending upon which position you are applying.

Applications close at 5pm Friday, 1 April 2022.

The position is offered under the Members of Parliament (Staff) Act 1988 and conditions outlined in the Parliamentary Service Electorate Staff Certified Agreement 2020.


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