PANDEMIC lockdowns and economic turmoil have reinforced the need for a strong “Buy Local” message. The best thing we can do to boost local jobs and cut down on waste is to buy as much as we can as locally as we can. We have a lot of great producers in our own local area – from fresh fruit and veges to bread, milk, and meat – we even have a local honey producer. It just doesn’t make sense to buy these products from down south or from interstate when they are available right here in our own backyard.

Central and North Queenslanders need to be particularly mindful of local jobs, given the impact of pandemic lockdowns on many businesses. If there’s one thing we are always going to spend money on, it is groceries. If we are spending the money, we might as well spend it where it will benefit our community most.

I met with local growers, Brian and Alan Camilleri, last week, who started a delivery run to rural areas from Sarina out to Nebo and south to St Lawrence and beyond. Local markets have always been a great way to source cheap and fresh local produce but it is harder for those who live in rural areas. Having a delivery service means you can source fresh food from local growers, butchers and bakers and have it delivered almost to your doorstop. If local families take advantage of that kind of service, they are not only putting great food on the table, they are keeping locals in jobs. It also avoids waste, extra transport costs and the impact on produce that those extra road miles can have.

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