Why is everyone so sick and tired?

Human beings are fatter, sicker, more tired, more depressed, and less cognitively alert today, than at any other time in human history.
The rates for cancer, dementia, obesity, childhood diabetes, infertility and autoimmune conditions are skyrocketing.
Yet barely anyone within government or public health, seems the least bit interested in finding out why.
If pressed, you will hear a lot of vague references to ‘risk factors’, family history and, of course, ‘smoking’ – a factor that has become less and less convincing as the number of smokers plummets.
But most are simply not prepared to even speculate on the matter.
Instead, the focus is ALL on the best way to TREAT or MANAGE the condition, rather than find out what caused it in the first place.
For those of us old enough to remember Professor Sumner Miller’s popular catch cry of ‘WHY IS IT SO?’, this lack of curiosity is astonishing.
There are no peer-reviewed studies on the subject. No large foundations/institutes established, or government/billionaire grants set up, to investigate it, despite trillions being poured into all sorts of medical research over the past two decades.
It reminds me of ‘elite’ opinion’s lack of curiosity on the likely origins of Covid.
Even now, four years on, there is simply no appetite within government or the scientific community for getting to the bottom of it all.
And with the prospect – or so we are told– of more pandemics to come, where are all the public health campaigns promoting the health effects of fresh air, sunlight and exercise?
Or public health initiatives informing people about the health-giving effects of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other natural ways people can help boost their immune response to infection and disease?
Instead, government public health campaigns seem more concerned with instilling fear and an overwhelming sense of individual powerlessness amongst the populace.
The damage this is doing to public health – and public trust – is incalculable.

Petition: Prohibit Council ‘Unisex Only’ Gender Neutral Amenities Blocks

Coming to a council near you!
We must protect women and men’s safe spaces.
It is crucial that ALL intricate operational details and specifications related to publicly owned buildings be thoroughly documented, transparent, and incorporated into the Queensland council agenda master plan designs.
These designs should be made available to the public for review and subsequent voting by councillors, ensuring active community consultation. Any deviation from this standard practice could be perceived as misleading, disrespectful, and lacking in transparency.
The destruction of renewables outweighs the so called green energy. Countless Years of remnant vegetation destroyed for this dubious short term and expensive energy.
Courtesy of Save Eungella page;
Please take a long, hard look at this. This is not ‘green’. The impact of the industrialization of regional Queensland’s Great Dividing Range’s last wild places for ‘green’ energy is appalling. Multiple communities displaced, tens of thousands of hectares of threatened species and habitat destroyed, a terrible legacy for our children. And Eungella is set to be surrounded by these.
Sadly these things only work when the wind is blowing, when it is not, there is a need for battery storage to kick in (enter the proposed Pioneer Burdekin Pumped Hydro Battery). They are not stand-alone magic energy answers, they rely on an entire network, and these should all be environmentally assessed in their entirety, rather than as an individual project, for their appalling cumulative impact.
National Rally Against Reckless Renewables in Canberra next Tuesday.

The Best Way to ‘Save the World’ is to Eat Meat!

It appears there are little to no studies, or data, on the toxicology, nutrition profiles, product stability, allergy risks, contamination risks and adverse effects from these new ‘cell-based’ ‘meat’ products.
A 2023 ‘Food Hazards Identification’ report, published by the British Food Standards Agency (BFSA) and Food Standards Scotland (FSS), even admits to there being “considerable gaps in knowledge” when it comes to ‘fake’ meat production, and its consumption by humans.
According to the report:
“There are many stages of development for producing cultured meat … from taking a cell line from a small vial or biopsy and increasing the culture volume stepwise in stages (proliferation), until a commercial sized bioreactor can be seeded, to differentiating the cells to final desired cell type. At each stage, different chemicals, biologics, media formulations, additives and supplements are used to ensure a successful culture.”
Considering this multistep processing that cell-based meat undergoes, it’s simply not possible for it to be as healthy, safe or sustainable as conventional meat.
As the Journal of Cleaner Production said in 2022:
“Ultra-processed foods are fundamentally unsustainable products; they have been associated with poor health and social outcomes and require finite environmental resources for their production.”
Without any proper studies being done, however, it could be decades before the full health and environmental effects are known.
By then it will be too late to roll back.
Meanwhile, peer-reviewed research shows that natural meat, produced regeneratively, can sink carbon into the ground while building biodiversity and healthy soils.
The cows they want to replace with lab-grown concoctions, are therefore critical to recapturing carbon via healthy pasture lands.
Most of this new food technology is heavily funded by global banks, governments and sovereign wealth funds, not to mention billionaire activists like Bill Gates.
The owners of all the patents and intellectual property rights to this technology, will gain enormous, god-like powers over the world’s food systems.
This must not be allowed to happen.
Luckily the solution is in OUR hands.
Say NO to ‘alternative protein’ sources and EAT MEAT!
After all we don’t need the rich becoming richer, whilst loosing our Farmers so then we can become sick, poor and dependent.

Mackay set to lead Australia’s Great Food Reset

CSIRO’s 2023 report entitled, “Reshaping Australian Food Systems”, paves the way for a ‘reset’ of food production in Australia.
According to the green zealots at CSIRO, traditional wholefoods diets are now deemed ‘unsustainable’, ‘disease prone’ and bad for the planet.
Human beings must therefore be ‘transitioned’ over to an ultra-processed diet made up of GMOs, protein alternatives and synthetic biology.
In Queensland, the government is partnering with precision fermentation food manufacturer, “Cauldron”, in developing the technology for manufacturing dairy products, using genetically engineered microbes, instead of cows.
According to Cauldron’s Founder and CEO, Michelle Stansfield:
“Australia has a unique opportunity to become a regional powerhouse in precision fermentation and unlock future breakthroughs in science, technology and medicine, in combination”.
Combining ‘Medicine’?
Let’s seriously hope not!
The partnership is regarded as a “key plank” in the government’s delivery of the state’s 10 Year Biofutures Roadmap and Action Plan, which would see biotechnology eventually takeover real food production.
According to the government’s Roadmap:
“Tools such as genome editing will allow precise genetic changes, with the potential to improve yields and quality in both crops and livestock”.
Cauldron and the Qld government are also planning to build a new commercial-scale, high tech fermentation facility – aka a Future Food Manufacturing BioHub – in the Mackay region.
The goal of this $300 million facility is to provide the large-scale ‘fermentation’ capacity Queensland needs, to produce ‘synbio dairy’ products ‘at scale’.
According to the US-Australian food tech company, ChangeFoods’, Mackay is “uniquely positioned to benefit from the shift to synthetic biology” and ‘future foods’ manufacturing, due to its proximity to the Queensland Sugar industry.
It seems the favourite feedstock of these genetically engineered “little critters” is the sugar from cane, molasses and other by-products.
There appears to be a lot of local support for the facility amongst community groups such as the Greater Whitsunday Alliance (GW3), whose CEO was reported as saying:
“the project … will position Mackay at the forefront of the global biotech industry”.
Mackay Sugar is also on board, despite its chief executive, Jannik Olejas’ admission to the ABC that: “the project would likely see a reduction in sugar exports”. Despite this, Olejas said he was still “confident” the industry would see “an economic boost and crop growth”.
Which of course is GREAT news for the Queensland Sugar Industry.
Less great, perhaps, for countries currently faced with a worldwide sugar shortage and skyrocketing sugar prices.